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How Investors Should Prep for a Rocky September

I remain convinced that the market is at an inflection point of sorts this fall, with a host of troubling news presenting the potential for a pullback.

Housing is starting to soften up, geopolitical unrest in the Middle East is getting even more troublesome than usual, unemployment data remains weak and bodes poorly for holiday shopping, fund flows indicate that investors are turning bearish, the “taper” talk … there’s a lot on the horizon.

To me, then, that means you have to put yourself in one of two camps: Are you a short-term investor looking to protect yourself from the bearish outlook of the next few months, or are you a long-term trader looking to make a move on what is very likely to be a choppy market this fall?

I recently talked with Moe Ansari on his nationally syndicated radio show, Market Wrap with Moe, about these concerns and how investors can prepare. Take a listen!

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