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AAPL Soars on Earnings Beat, 7-for-1 Apple Stock Split

Long-term, there remain real questions about whether Apple can keep innovating and look beyond the iPhone — which represents more than half of total Apple sales. The tablet market is very much important to the long-term success of AAPL stock, as is whatever the next big consumer tech trends are down the road. Of course, that’s long term … in the short term, expect investors to bid up AAPL stock tomorrow and in anticipation of the 7-for-1 Apple stock split in June.

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Thomas Piketty Primer – ‘Capital in the 21st Century’ Explained

If Piketty’s book continues to catch on and both politicians, labor unions, average Americans and others find inspiration in his ideas … well, it could seriously affect how the world views the wealthy. And it could seriously affect how the world decides it needs to redistribute that wealth to fight the never-ending march of inequality.