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PLUG Stock – ReliOn Buyout to Give Plug Power More Juice

ReliOn is unprofitable now and won’t contribute materially for a while. But hey, if Plug Power can wind up securing additional technology and marginal growth prospects for $4 million in stock that could very well become $2 million in stock overnight … why not get while the getting is good?

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5 Best ETFs (and 5 Worst) of Q1

As money returns to the U.S. in a “risk off” state of mind, it has damaged Latin America and Asia funds significantly. Meanwhile, income funds have rallied.

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Bonds Are Killing Stocks Right Now

Frothy stocks and unrest in Ukraine have fueled short-term buying pressure. That’s good for those holding TLT from its bottom in late December. But remember that the long-term bond fund is actually still down about 8% in the last 12 months… so don’t see this as anything more than a short-lived trend against the broader backdrop of tighter monetary policy.