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5 Ways to Harvest Cash From Organic Food Sales

Health food companies and organic food stocks have been booming lately. The Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service reported $28 billion worth of organic food sales in the U.S. in 2012, worth more than 4% of total at-home food sales. Here’s how you can carve out a piece of the organic sales pie, with some big names and some lesser-known ones.

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Amazon Smartphone Will NOT Help AMZN Stock

Samsung and Apple collectively accounted for 109% of smartphone profits in Q3 2013. How is that possible? Well, because most other manufacturers actually lost money — which gave them a negative share of the profit pie. That’s the environment Amazon is going to compete in. Oh, and by the way, Amazon has managed to keep its Kindle relevant solely by competing with the Apple iPad and Google Android tablets on price.

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U.S. Retail Sales Soar … But Retail Stocks are Still a Sell

U.S. retail sales for March were good, but not good enough to make me run out and buy WMT stock or Macy’s stock. The bottom line is that we still have a choppy environment for retail stocks … not to mention broader market volatility to contend with right now.