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New Gold ETF Will Let You Trade Shares for Bullion

Gold ETF investing has been stressful over the last few years, as gold prices have gone on a wild ride. Investing in gold across calendar 2013 meant a 28% decline, but this year gold ETF investors have outperformed with a nice 8% return vs.¬†about 2% or so for the S&P 500 since Jan. 1. But […]

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INTC – Here’s Why Intel Stock Is a Big-Time Buy

There just aren’t a lot of good income investments in a low-interest-rate environment. Any stock that offers a 3.4% dividend is awfully attractive by comparison, and when you can also gain exposure to capital spending growth, it’s a very good bet to make right now.

3 Low Risk Stocks to Buy Now

Jeff Reeves joined Liz Claman on Fox Business Network to discuss three low-risk plays for a rocky summer with good short-term performance but also a big long-term tailwind – Ventas, Johnson & Johnson and Intel.