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What Unemployment Numbers REALLY Mean

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that every penny of deferred expense will be recorded in February or March just because temperatures rise. And don’t believe that a 6.6% unemployment rate means everything is hunky-dory.

Will the Fed Reverse Tapering?

Headline unemployment numbers continue to drift lower, getting close to the Fed’s benchmark of a 6.5% jobless rate that would allow for tighter monetary policy. But does this alone guarantee higher rates or the end of QE?

Changing Momentum

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DDD Stock Implodes – When Momentum Goes Wrong

Momentum stocks are a high-risk, high-reward venture. And while there were a lot of rewards in 2013, it’s time to start thinking about the downside risks of these trades in 2014 after trouble in stocks like DDD, Twitter and the like.

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Apple, Google: Healthcare Stocks of the Future?

There’s no way to know where modern medicine will take us and who will lead the charge. But given the early indications from AAPL, GOOG and other tech companies … don’t count them out.

Prime issues

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Amazon Prime Price Increase Could Sink AMZN Stock

Time will tell how much the pricing increase will be for Amazon Prime and how it will affect users. But if you own AMZN stock or are thinking of buying now, don’t underestimate the significance of this Prime price increase as an indicator of where the e-commerce giant is heading with its strategy.