Apple is ripe

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5 Reasons Apple Stock Is a Screaming Buy

With more modest expectations and positive momentum as we enter 2014, the stars may be aligning for a nice run in Apple stock. The valuation is fair with a forward P/E of 12, the dividend is nice at 2.1% and all signs point up.


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TSLA Stock Is a Buy – Why I Invested in Tesla on the Dip

After a 35% rollback, the charts show Tesla stock has found support. And longer term, there’s a strong backlog for the Tesla Model S and big interest in new vehicles like the Model X SUV — as well as a strong record of innovation and growth — creating a tailwind for the EV leader.

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Pope Francis apostolic exhortation

Why Pope Francis Hates Wall Street

Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation was likely meant primarily as an outcry against materialism and greed — two things that almost all religions would agree don’t play role in a just society. But a number of phrases hit Wall Street almost directly.