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My Best Calls of 2013

Some of my best calls in 2013 included a prediction that gold would crash, housing would keep running and BlackBerry was doomed for failure.

2014 gas prices

What to Expect from Gas Prices in 2014

Gas prices have been volatile in 2013, but will finish up about where they started. We will likely see a similar tale at the pump in the New Year, according to the experts at

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11 Stocks With Buybacks That Top $166 BILLION

Buybacks were big in 2013, so expect this trend to continue in 2014… and expect the dramatic reduction in share counts across the market to add a lift to overall earnings per share across the S&P 500.

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AMZN – Amazon Stock Valuation Reflects Unrealistic Expectations

I’d never bet against Amazon, and shorting this stock has been a fool’s errand for a long time — with AMZN soaring 650% in the last five years and 55% YTD in 2013. But I simply don’t trust this stock at these levels. There’s too many assumptions, too little profit and too much that can go wrong over the next few years to disrupt the the pie-in-the-sky narrative.