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AAPL Soars on Earnings Beat, 7-for-1 Apple Stock Split

Long-term, there remain real questions about whether Apple can keep innovating and look beyond the iPhone — which represents more than half of total Apple sales. The tablet market is very much important to the long-term success of AAPL stock, as is whatever the next big consumer tech trends are down the road. Of course, that’s long term … in the short term, expect investors to bid up AAPL stock tomorrow and in anticipation of the 7-for-1 Apple stock split in June.

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Thomas Piketty Primer – ‘Capital in the 21st Century’ Explained

If Piketty’s book continues to catch on and both politicians, labor unions, average Americans and others find inspiration in his ideas … well, it could seriously affect how the world views the wealthy. And it could seriously affect how the world decides it needs to redistribute that wealth to fight the never-ending march of inequality.

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Square Inc. – Another Money Losing, Billion-Dollar Tech Buy

Long-term, who knows where the Square Inc. will go or how the mobile payments space will evolve. But you can be sure that in the short term this company will continue to bleed cash big time… but that someone is going to wind up spending a bundle on it anyway.