About The Slant

 “I have no taste for either poverty or honest labor, so writing is the only recourse left for me.” – Hunter S. Thompson

I worked at newspapers for almost a decade, weaseled my way into financial publishing just before Lehman went bust and then launched the The Slant in 2012 because … well, I felt like it. There simply weren’t enough good websites out there with investing ideas. Lots of news and numbers, sure. But no ideas to trade on and actually make money from.

In a nutshell, The Slant is simply an idea factory. Economic data and mainstream financial media reports are the raw materials, without much purpose in their unrefined forms. I mean, what the hell does a flash PMI report from China do anyway? What do I do with it?

So rather than dump more useless information on you, I will hammer facts together and pull headlines apart. Readers like you and outside experts are always welcome to grab a screwdriver every now and then, when you have the time or inclination. At The Slant, we’ll create things together that investors can actually put to use — trades to make, opportunities to consider, risks to avoid.

Alright, speech over. For those of you who graduated from public school thanks to the crutch of Cliffs Notes or Internet research and thus have no reading comprehension, here’s a simple list with the important stuff in bold. If that doesn’t work, email me and I’ll draw you a pretty picture:

I Will Be Your Information Filter: There is an endless supply of market factoids and almost as many hucksters trying to sell you something related to Wall Street. So consider me the filter, keeping out the garbage and focusing on the news and the people that I think are worthy of your time each day.

I Will Offer Actionable Advice: While highlighting the most important news, I will always connect the dots between a headline and a practical investing idea. My hope is that this blog helps you make trades and make money, not just regurgitate numbers or company names on the golf course.

I Will Never Be the Last Word: Everything I write is designed to make you think — and hopefully, think differently. I have no interest in gathering an army of lemmings, so PLEASE question my writing, Tweet me @JeffReevesIP, engage in the comments section under articles and spam me at editor@investorplace.com. Heck, I’ll even accept guest posts from smart writers who warrant the space. I mean it.

I Will Be Wrong, But I Will Be Real: I will regularly share my opinions on the market, highlighting what I see as risks and opportunities. Hopefully your peers will blow up any really bad ideas via the aforementioned comments section — but I guarantee some duds will slip out. If it’s any consolation, I will try to highlight these disasters on my own to prove I am honest — as well as human.

It’s Only Money, So Relax: Retirement investing, saving for your kids’ college education and protecting your nest egg are all complicated topics, and I take them seriously. But I also have a sense of humor and a sense of perspective — the importance of hugging my daughters, camels passing through the eye of a needle and all that jazz.

Read more about my personal pedigree (or lackthereof) here.

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