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apple black friday deals
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Why Apple Black Friday Deals Are a VERY Big Deal

Apple (AAPL) used to not care about pandering. Under the late Steve Jobs, AAPL stock was characterized by tightly controlled products and a tight flow of information around the business. But under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has gotten a bit more populist.

Apple-black-friday-deals Apple Black Friday deals are the biggest proof of this trend.

This year, gadget site Gotta Be Mobile has predicted holiday shoppers will enjoy a number of Apple Black Friday deals. Among the possible price cuts will be:

  • $41 off iPad Air and iPad 2 tablets
  • $21 off iPod touch
  • $101 off MacBook Air
  • $101 off MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • $101 off iMac.

Apple Black Friday deals have never covered iPhones … but after the iPhone 5C launch didn’t go quite as well as planned, there are hints that a discount could be in the works.

Granted, an Apple Black Friday deal on the iPhone 5C would be more to move overstocked inventory than anything else … but it would be noteworthy nonetheless.

AAPL Stock Goes Populist

These holiday shopping discounts are part of the broader trend at Apple that has moved the company away from sometimes elitist leadership to a more consumer-friendly vibe.

AAPL now pays a dividend, has taken on corporate debt to finance stock buybacks and has made an effort to come off as less elitist and more consumer-oriented.

Consider that Steve Jobs famously said he’d never release a smaller Apple iPad, but the iPad Mini rolled out in short order thanks to consumer demand for smaller tablets like the Kindle from Amazon (AMZN). And more recently, consider the Apple iPhone 5C — a (relatively) cheaper version of the flagship smartphone that helped catapult AAPL stock to new heights. Though the gadget was not as well received as hoped for, it clearly is a nod to cheaper phones running Google (GOOG) Android software or Windows Phone from Microsoft (MSFT).

Apple clearly is no longer playing by its own rules, and is adapting to existing consumer behavior instead of looking down the road to the next big thing. Apple Black Friday deals are proof of this trend.

This could have benefits. But it also could have big risks, seeing as AAPL stock rose to dominance based on its own good ideas … not simply jumping on the bandwagon of cheaper gadgets like everybody else.

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