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Senator Sees ‘No Deals on the Debt Ceiling’ or Obamacare

On this week’s Political Capital with Al Hunt, set to air tomorrow on Bloomberg Television, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) shares a rather stark outlook on the debt ceiling debate.

“I see no deals on the debt ceiling,” she said, adding that Republicans are the ones who will ultimately blink — as they did last time.

“And I’m hopeful that those people who feel they have to have a temper tantrum before they do it will get over that very quickly and we can move on, because it is important that we address our budget challenges in the coming year and years as quickly as possible,” Murray told Al Hunt.

Murray added it’s not fair to hold the entire country hostage just because Republicans don’t like the recently passed Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.” Here’s her take:

“The Republicans’ initial reason for not doing anything is they wanted to make sure that we had strong policies in place in terms of health care spending and those kinds of things.  They’ve now changed completely, and they are saying the only way they will raise the debt ceiling, the only way they’ll do a continuing resolution, the only way that they’ll do any kind of budget framework going forward is to repeal a law that is already in place that’s been upheld by the Supreme Court and is helping millions of Americans.”

Now, some Republicans would be quick to counter that Murray is the one engaging in brinksmanship here by promising to kill any bill that touches Obamacare. But it’s true that there are some in the GOP who are more concerned with the Affordable Care Act than the debt ceiling — including popular conservative Rep. Rick Cruz (R-TX), who has vowed to do “everything necessary and anything possible to defund Obamacare” even if it means defaulting on the government debt.

Your personal politics will probably guide you to a conclusion on which side is “right” here. But one thing is certain — Sen. Murray seems to be correct in her assessment that no deal on the debt ceiling is in the works right now.

And unless something changes dramatically, it’s unlikely any deal will transpire before the October deadline for when the U.S. runs out of money.

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