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Carl Icahn Says Dell at Ceiling, Herbalife Just Getting Started

Carl Icahn has been all over the place in 2013.

There’s his high-profile battle between Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman of Pershing Square Capital Management over Herbalife (HLF). There’s also the Carl Icahn war with Michael Dell over plans to take Dell (DELL) private. And then there’s his bid on Netflix (NFLX) that reportedly made Icahn $800 million in six months.

Needless to say, this guy is in the news — and given the performance of his NFLX and HLF trade, also in the know.

Fox Business anchor Liz Claman scored a pretty great exclusive interview with Carl Icahn (clips below) with some great quotes from the billionaire investor about Dell, Herbalife and more.

The hits will keep coming on FBN this week with Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) CEO Mel Karmazin today after the bell and Disney (DIS) CEO Bob Iger on Friday.

Check out the ever-quotable Carl Icahn in these clips below:

Icahn Says He’s Done Buying Dell Shares for Now

“I think it’s a bit inaccurate to say we are not at the ceiling now. I think we are for different reasons. My attorney has calculated it. So I think we are pretty much at the ceiling now.”

Icahn Says He’ll Fire Michael Dell

“It’s not a personal thing – Michael Dell will not be there. I have made a great deal of money replacing CEOs that shouldn’t be there and that’s one of the troubles of America – corporations today. You have a lot of CEOs that boards do not hold accountable that shouldn’t be there. They’re not bad people but it’s like having a football player that shouldn’t be on the football team anymore. If I don’t get it, I think I’ve done a good job for shareholders because we’ve at least got the price up somewhat, did better than the board. But if we get it I think we will be accomplishing a lot more for those shareholders that wish to remain.”

Carl Icahn Likes Bill Ackman Now

“As you know, I don’t like Ackman, but I like him now. Anybody who makes me $500 million, I have to like.”

“I want to make something clear. I really have said publicly, I don’t like what he did as far as I was concerned, he was one of the few people that I really was upset with. But this is not what I do. I am not looking to break anybody’s back, I just look to make money.”

Herbalife is Moving a Lot Higher, Icahn Says

“I believe Herbalife is going a lot higher. It’s got great potential, it makes a great deal of money. I think it does good for people who can’t make a living and I think it has a good product. I think the stock is still extremely undervalued but just look at the numbers. It’s got great potential in foreign countries as well as here, I think in China it just sort of boomed and I think it just sort of started. Look at the numbers – Ackman did that. He got the numbers at a very low PE ratio so I am not looking to sell the stock at this point at all.”

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