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Does Mad M&A Dash Signal Big Dealmaking in Second Half?

Mergers and acquisitions were a hot topic for the first few weeks of 2013, but then things got quiet on the dealmaking front.

Thankfully for investors, however, M&A saw a big boom to end Q2 — and that could bode well for the second half of 2013.

Earlier this year, we saw some huge deals take place. Big ones include:

Then things settled down … until a massive Merger Monday to end the second quarter that totaled $15.7 billion in one day — the hottest period since February, when the Buffett-led Heinz buyout hit.

Recent deals right before the end of Q2 included:

According to M&A data compiled by Mergermarket, this brisk day helped push second-quarter M&A numbers over first-quarter totals — up to $441 billion from $427 billion or so.

Unfortunately, the last-minute additions still leave us down about 9% from last year. At the halfway point in 2012, deals totaled $963 billion or so; now we are at just $868 billion.

But there’s hope — particularly in domestic companies.

“The US is the only region to witness a higher H1 2013 than in H1 2012, up 8.6% to US$ 325.8bn from US$ 299.9bn in the comparative period,” according to Mergermarket.

The dealmaking is also a boon to domestic financials who are big players in the transactions. Data show JPMorgan (JPM) is the No. 1 financial adviser in terms of overall value with almost $160 billion in deals for the first half of the year — more than 18% of the total global haul! Volume-wise, Goldman Sachs (GS) is the leader with 71 total deals transacted.

There’s no telling what mayhem could hit in the second half to disrupt the M&A scene, of course. But this race to make deals at the end of Q2 — even in a very volatile week for the market — could be a bullish sign for deals in the months ahead.

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